Student Services Information » Incompletes


Occasionally, because of illness, accidents, or family problems, it becomes necessary to receive an incomplete on the report card. For a student to receive an incomplete, the teacher must be informed of the reason before the grades are due, and then all missed work shall be completed within

TWO WEEKS. Failure of a student to report reason for not completing course requirements or not completing requirements in the allotted two weeks shall result in a grade of “F” on the incomplete work. There shall be no incompletes given at the end of the school year except through the approval of the principal. Again failure to complete course requirements within TWO WEEKS will result in a grade of “F” on the incomplete work. It is the student’s responsibility to complete requirements and to keep teachers informed of their current status. With rare exceptions, final exams are compulsory and an integral part of the class requirements. If a student does not complete a required final exam, he will receive a grade of “F” for the course.