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Credit Transfers

In recognizing its responsibility to uphold the minimum educational standards of the state ofIndiana, the Valparaiso Community Schools Board of Education establishes the following policy and criteria regarding the acceptance of credits from nonpublic schools, including home school programs.

For credit or course-work to be accepted for courses taken in a nonpublic school, there must be verification that:

A.     The course was taught by a certified teacher;

B.     The course met the time requirements established by the state, and total hours per year as set forth in the State Minimum Standards.

C.     Course content is comparable to school district-established courses of study.

Recognition of credits or course-work from a nonpublic school/home school program shall be granted when the above-stated criteria are met and upon satisfactory completion of VHS final exams for each class.

Although credit from nonpublic schools/home school programs may be granted and placed on a student’s transcript, no grades will be entered on the transcript or considered for class ranking.  Only grades awarded for courses taken at the district or from a school accredited by the Indiana Dept of Education or such departments in other states shall be considered in class ranking and for entering on the transcript.