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So, I'm a writer. And when I say I'm a writer, I mean it in the same way a professional ball player calls himself an athlete. I practice everyday and do the best I can to be better at this writing thing, while hopefully bringing some cool stories to the world. The stories are kinda like my slam dunks. Except, I'm dunking words. In your FACE! Ha! - Jason Reynolds

Fantasy is such an exciting genre – you can create whole new worlds. Do you have any advice for writers when they’re building these worlds? How can you make sure they seem authentic?

Ask yourself lots of questions. If a character is eating a certain kind of food or wearing a certain kind of clothing, ask yourself where they come from. How they got to be eating/wearing it. You don’t necessarily need to explain that on the page, but understanding trade routes, kingdom boundaries, geography, the harvest/seasons/etc., all helps to expand your world. Also, remember that world building and character building often go hand-in-hand: just like you, your character is a product of their world. Sometimes the subtlest day-to-day details can bring your character and world to life. - Sarah J. Maas 

“Interview with Sarah J. Maas.Writers & Artists: The Insiders Guide to the Media, Bloomsbury, 2020.


Ernest Cline

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