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Dear High School Parents,

VCS is committed to ensuring equitable access to digital learning materials through a device suitable for engaging those resources.  All VHS students have the option of using their own personal device (BYOD); however, every student that needs a device shall be provided with a VCS-issued Chromebook (free of charge) for the 2022-23 school year.  Any student who already has a VCS-issued Chromebook will begin the year with that device.  Should that device be in need of service or repair, please click on SUMMER DEVICE REPAIR (2021) to submit a request. 


VHS recognizes that students may have varied interests and programs of study that would require a different device.  These students may opt to bring a device that is more appropriate to their curricular pathways.  Regardless of the chosen device, students will be required to bring a device to school every day in order to effectively take advantage of the myriad of resources provided by classroom teachers, as well as to collaborate with their peers and stay informed about initiatives, clubs, and other opportunities at VHS. 

Students who elect to BYOD will be given opportunities before the start of the school year to bring in their device and have one of our technology experts connect it to the secure WiFi. Please use this link to submit information about your device to be able to be connected to the school network. Please see the minimum device requirements below when considering the use of a personal device.

For the 2022-2023 school year, your student can opt for the following (you may select both options, if applicable);

  • VCS-Issued Chromebook
  • *Personal Device Connected to the Secure WiFi @ VHS(Bring Your Own Device).

*Please refer to the information below for a list of the minimum device requirements for BYOD. Regardless of what device(s) a student chooses to use, all VHS students will be required to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy at all times. The Acceptable Use Policy may be reviewed during registration and will be a required portion of the registration process regardless of whether or not the student is using a VCS-owned device or BYOD.  Although cell phones can be used as educational tools in some settings, they are NOT considered proper BYOD equipment at VHS.

Minimum Device Requirements

  1. A device with a keyboard, which also includes a Chromebook (must be capable of running the most recent version of Chrome OS).
  2. Must be Windows 10 or later; Current OS (Mac); or Chrome OS
    • Linux OS not recommended
  3. 4 GB of RAM or more.  
  4. 256 GB HD for Windows or More / 16 GB HD for Chromebook
  5. HD Webcam
  6. Chrome Browser Installed
  7. Respondus Lockdown Browser is the required software for BYOD laptops.
    iPads and/or tablets are not recommended unless they have an attachable full-size keyboard and are capable of running a chrome browser and interacting comfortably with Canvas, and Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc).  
  8. Antivirus Software:
  9. Required and Suggested Applications and/or Accessories
  10. A protective case is recommended and will be allowed to be carried from class to class. Most laptops do not include a case so please plan to purchase a case or have a backpack with a laptop compartment.
  11. Items to consider:
    • Laptop weight and size (carried all day to classes).
    • Battery life (must last the student throughout the school day).
    • Is there a warranty if the device is damaged? Is it covered under homeowner's insurance?
  12. VCS is required by law to use a filter on our internet.  Installing an additional filter on a BYOD laptop can cause issues for the student while they are using their laptop at school.
  13. If a problem occurs with the device at home or at school, a loaner device from VCS is available for a maximum of 10 school days per semester.  A record will be kept by the media center specialist. Students will be responsible for any repair or replacement charges associated with the abuse or neglect of all VCS-issued devices.