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College and University Programs

The Board of Education of the Valparaiso Community Schools recognizes the value to students and to the school district for students to participate in programs offered by accredited colleges and universities in Indiana. Written consent of the principal is required.

The following guidelines must be met for students enrolling in college or university programs while maintaining enrollment at Valparaiso High School:

A. The student must be at least seventeen (17) years of age and must arrange a meeting with the principal in order to be considered for a college or university program.

B. The student must have passed the Graduation Exam (GQE or ECA) required by the state of Indiana.

C. The student must have completed or be on track to complete the coursework necessary to meet the minimum high school requirements established by the State Board of Education and the requirements of the college or university.

The Valparaiso School District shall grant secondary credit for a course successfully completed by a student at the eligible institution if the School District approved the course for secondary credit. The student’s school records must reflect that the secondary credit was earned at an eligible institution.