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Military and Veteran Resources

Valparaiso High School is committed to providing recognition and resources for service members, veterans, as well as their students and families.

Helpful Links and Resources

  • Valparaiso Community Schools Website (link)
  • VCS school board resolution formalizing our support for military students and families (Coming Soon!)
  • Interstate Compact Information (link)
  • Children, Youth, & Teen Resources (link)
  • US Department of Defense Resources (link)
  • Indiana Department of Education Resources (link)
  • Graduation Pathways and Indiana Diploma Requirements (link)
  • Valparaiso Community Schools Human Resources (link)

VHS Military Hall of Honor

The Valparaiso High School "Military Hall of Honor" is a large indoor display that was created to honor all VHS graduates who took the Oath to serve in the US Armed Forces and who served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and/or Space Force.  This service includes enlistment, commissioned as an Officer, service in the National Guard, or in the Reserves. 

Point of Contact

Ms. Gordana Sormaz
Ms. Gordana Sormaz
Valparaiso High School Student Services
219-531-3070, extension 5324