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Non-Traditional Credit Options

It is the goal of Valparaiso High School to provide all students with every opportunity to graduate. VHS is committed to providing alternate, non-traditional methods of instruction in order to meet the unique needs of each student working to earn credits applicable towards a General, Core 40, Academic Honors, or Technical Honors diploma. Some of the unique needs that our students have include, but are not exclusive to: the need to recover credit in previous coursework, the desire to take additional courses beyond what would fit into the traditional school day, and the need to work around an employment schedule.
Apex – Computer Based Instruction:

Computer based classes are offered during the traditional school day, as well as after school. The Apex curriculum covers a number of content areas and academic performance levels. This non-traditional setting allows students to complete their course work at a pace that fits their individual needs. Teachers in Apex classes provide individualized instructional assistance as the student progresses through the course work.  Students are able to access many classes outside the traditional school day which enables the students to add additional courses to their transcripts or recover credits not earned due to failing grades.  The overall goal is to offer the student body a flexible schedule and pace in which to complete diploma requirements while holding the rigor and integrity of the VHS curriculum to a quality standard.