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ECA Tests

ISTEP+ End of Course Assessments – Algebra 1 & English 10

Beginning with the Class of 2012, students must meet standards tested on the ISTEP+ End-of-Course Assessments (ECA) in Algebra I and English 10 to satisfy the graduation requirement. Students will take the tests at the end of the course.  These students will no longer take the ISTEP+ GQE test.

What if a student earns enough credits to graduate, but does not pass the End of Course Assessments in Algebra I and/or English 10?

Indiana state law provides that a student may graduate without passing the ECA in Algebra I and/or English 10 if all of the following have occurred:

The student must have –

  • Taken the ECA in the subject area or subject areas in which the student did not achieve a passing score at least one time every school year during his or her sophomore, junior, and senior years in high school;
  • Completed ECA remediation opportunities provided by the school;
  • Maintained a high school attendance rate of 95 percent with excused absences not counted against the student’s attendance;
  • Maintained a “C” average in the 29 credits required of all Indiana high school graduates (8 English, 6 Math, 6 Science, 6 Social Studies, 2 PE,and 1 Health.)
  • Obtained a written recommendation supporting the request for the appeal from the student’s teacher(s) in the subject area(s) in which the student has not achieved a passing score, and be supported by documentation that the student has attained the academic standard in the subject area, based upon tests other than the ECA or classroom work.  In addition, a student must have satisfied all other state and local graduation requirements.  The recommendation must be agreed to by the Principal.    

Other End-Of-Course Assessments 

Students enrolled in Biology I (regardless of grade level) must take the Biology I End-of-Course Assessment when they complete the course.  Performance on the Biology I ECA will not impact graduation status.  The Biology I ECA is a component of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Every state must administer a high school science test to comply with the NCLB requirements;Indiana will use the Biology I ECA to fulfill this federal requirement.